Process Of Roses For Export

1) Harvesting
Cut flowers are selected and taken in process plant
2) Precooling
Cut flowers are stored in precooling room for temperature about 5 degree Celsius.
3) Deleafing
Excess leaves on rose flower stem are cut as per the stem length requirement.
4) Grading
Cut rose flowers are selected as per the required quality.
5) Sorting
Roses are sorted according to the stem length, bud size and height of the cut flower.
6) Bunching
Cut flowers are bunched according to the requirement of the customer.
7) Stem cutting
Bunch of cut rose flower is measured on scale for it’s stem length and required size is cut.
8) Post cooling
Cut flower bunches are kept in cold room at about 2-3 degree Celsius before the packing.
9) Packing
Variety of various cut rose flowers are taken and packed in the corrugated box as per customer required size.
10) Dispatch
Packed flowers are loaded in the refrigerated van at about 3-4 degree Celsius and transported to the airport.